Enjoy LIVE Music - support your local scene

With the campaign "Enjoy LIVE Music - Support your local scene", PETZI wants to highlight the importance of the live music scene and raise awareness of its enormous positive social, cultural and economic impact. We encourage politicians, cultural institutions and the entire music scene to act together and to protect, support and improve the conditions of smaller venues, clubs and festivals to ensure diversity in the rich and varied Swiss music scene.

If you are wondering what you can do to support your local scene, here are a few ideas:

  • Enjoy live events in your area and discover the different clubs and festivals in your region.
  • Buy tickets for the events near you – for example via PETZI, an ethical and non-profit ticketing service. 
  • Get involved as a volunteer or staff member – many of our club and festival members rely on volunteers to organise their events and are regularly looking for volunteers. Check directly with your favourite club or festival!
  • Buy merchandise from your favourite clubs or festivals if available, or support them via donations.

The campaign pursues several goals:

  • Making visible and enhancing the value of local and non-profit concert venues and festivals;
  • Making visible and enhancing the social, cultural and economic importance of these venues;
  • Valorising voluntary work and engagement in non-profit structures;
  • Highlighting the importance of these venues as a platform for the local live music scene;
  • Highlighting the importance of these venues for formal and informal education and the acquisition of new skills;
  • (Re-)Highlighting the irreplaceable interpersonal experience of live music, which we have sorely missed over the last two years and whose image has suffered particularly as a result of the pandemic.

Furthermore, with this campaign, PETZI wants to highlight the values we have long held and shared with our members: volunteering, inclusion, diversity, sustainability, and of course, last but not least, the important role of live music, which allows us to experience unforgettable moments of sharing and to create interpersonal connections.

It takes all of us: audience, artists, professionals and volunteers!


The aim of our campaign "Enjoy LIVE Music - support your local scene" is to highlight and raise awareness of the enormous positive social, cultural and economic impact of local non-profit concert venues and festivals.

This is where we would now like to pick up and take a closer look at the ecosystem of live music and its complexity, size and versatility.

You can get an idea of this in this graphic from Music Venue Trust, created in collaboration with MusicPortland. It illustrates that the live music ecosystem is riddled with relationships, interdependencies and complementarities between different and numerous actors:

(français ci-après) Abbildung des Live-Musik-Ökosystems und der zahlreichen Strukturen, die es beinhaltet. Cartographie de l'écosystème de la musique live et des nombreuses structures qui le composent.

In addition to the artists themselves, this ecosystem includes the many support structures that advise, produce, promote and disseminate artistic projects. It also includes the venues, concert halls and festivals, as well as the professions that make their activities possible.

Around the artists and their entourage gravitate a whole series of professions linked to the promotion, distribution and monetisation of their works, followed by a training category. Surrounding the two central circles are occupations related to the promotion and production of creative content. At the bottom of the table are the various legal and fiduciary professional services, the indispensable organisations for the sale, rental and repair of instruments, and the actors involved in concerts/tours. Finally, in red, we find the part that unfolds around the recording, the studio, the work of producing the record.

This vast ecosystem, comprising so many different actors and structures, can be summed up for us in #EnjoyLiveMusicSupportYourLocalScene.

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