Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find more information about the organisation of an event (timetable, age restrictions, access, price details, etc.)?

PETZI is the Swiss federation of music venues and festivals. The club and festival members of PETZI organise non-profit activities, and their main objective is to organise concerts for cultural purposes. PETZI offers various services to their members, including a non-profit ticketing service. PETZI is therefore an intermediary and not an organiser.
For further information on events organised by our members, please consult the website of the member organising the event you are interested in or contact the respective member. You will find the link to the members' websites on their events page. You can also find the list and websites of our members here:


How do I create a PETZI account?

Simply go to the registration page: Once you've created your account, you'll receive an activation e-mail which will be valid for 7 days. Don't forget to activate your account, otherwise you won't be able to buy tickets once the 7 days are up.

How do I buy tickets from PETZI?

To buy tickets, you need a validated PETZI account. You can then click on the magnifying glass (at the top right of the page on desktop or at the bottom left on mobile) and search for the event you wish to attend, or simply click on it from the calendar. All that's left to do is click on "Get tickets", select the ticket you want, review the order and pay.

How can I be sure that my order has been confirmed?

An order has been confirmed if you can find the following three elements:

- An order confirmation from PETZI, received via e-mail
- A payment confirmation from Saferpay (the electronic payment system used by PETZI ticketing), received via e-mail
- The presence of your order on your PETZI account

My order doesn't seem to have been confirmed. What should I do?

The payment process may encounter problems due to your internet connection, your bank or TWINT. In addition to the order and payment confirmations, as well as the presence of the order on your PETZI account, you can check whether the payment has gone through your bank or TWINT and confirm that the order has been placed with the e-mail address to which you are connected. If you have any doubts or problems, don't hesitate to contact our support team by e-mail at

Where can I find my tickets?

When you log in to your PETZI account, you'll find all your orders under "My tickets" (which you can find by clicking 👤 at the top right of the page on desktop or at the bottom right on mobile). You can then download them in PDF format and print them, or simply present the QR code on your phone at the entrance to the event.

Is it possible to buy tickets other than online?

PETZI does not send physical tickets by post, but you can buy them at our various points of sale, a list of which can be found here:

Can I exchange my tickets or get a refund?

The conditions of sale, which everyone accepts at the time of purchase, specify that tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable.In certain exceptional cases, some organisers may examine your request. Please contact us at and we'll pass it on.

How is my data used?

PETZI only collects the data required for billing purposes, and this data is not shared outside the association, with the exception of your first and last name, which is sent to the organiser for ticket validation purposes. You can access your data at any time by writing to