About PETZI ticketing

Since 2001, PETZI provides their club and festival members with a ticketing system and an event agenda. The aim of this service is to promote the events organized by PETZI members and to offer concert-lovers an alternative ticketing service. 

PETZI ticketing in a nutshell

As a non-profit service, the revenue from ticket sales flows back into the live music ecosystem. Ticketing fees are kept as low as possible because PETZI wants to encourage a wide access to culture for everyone. PETZI prioritizes close contact and high-quality support for their customers. PETZI strictly protects customer data. 

PETZI ticketing in detail

The PETZI ticketing and agenda service is non-profit: the money generated from ticket sales is reinvested into the work PETZI does for their members, ensuring support and development. 

PETZI keeps the ticketing fees as low as possible, enabling PETZI members to maintain low entrance fees. Fees are true and transparent for everyone. PETZI does not charge any processing or print-at-home fees and does not push their customers to take out insurance. PETZI members do not pay for event cancellations or readers, and VAT is included directly in the ticket fees. 

The PETZI ticketing and agenda team offers an efficient and professional support service all year round. The ticketing service is developed and apapted to meet the needs of customers as well as members. 

PETZI has a strict data protection policy. Customer data is not sold to third parties. Data is anonymized and only used internally for statistics, event recommendations or billing purposes. Only essential information (i.e. first and last name of customers) is shared with event organizers for ticket validation purposes. 

PETZI is committed to the diversity of the Swiss live music scene – by using the PETZI ticketing service, clubs and festivals are not dependent on giant structures that create, release and promote their own artists. This helps to prevent market concentration. And as customers of the PETZI ticketing service, you are supporting the Swiss live music ecosystem.