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Enjoy LIVE Music - support your local scene

Last week we made the observation that after a wonderful festival summer full of music, the Swiss (as well as the international) live music scene has now arrived at a concert autumn that brings some challenges.

Therefore, as part of our campaign "Enjoy LIVE Music - support your local scene", we would like to share some ideas with you on how you can support your local scene: 

  • Enjoy live events in your area and discover the different clubs and festivals in your region.
  • Buy tickets for the events near you – for example via PETZI, an ethical and non-profit ticketing service. 
  • Get involved as a volunteer or staff member – many of our club and festival members rely on volunteers to organise their events and are regularly looking for volunteers. Check directly with your favourite club or festival!
  • Buy merchandise from your favourite clubs or festivals if available, or support them via donations.

Can you think of any other ways to support the local music scene?

Find out more about our campaign here.

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