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Fejká & Neuhaus @ GANNET

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Fejká started making music at the age of 17, whilst asking himself which type of music he wanted to produce. He always was the type of contrast guy who couldn't decide between two things. In terms of music, it was the big split between dreamy and soft ambient music, and hard punchy techno music. He never wanted to make music which only appeals to a certain spectrum of mood or people, he's always trying to achieve that one absolute sound, which is relatable to every situation in one’s life, music you can dance and dream to at the same time. With his EP Twilight, he wants to show the development process of dream music into dance music. Fejká is signed on Christian Löffels Label and toured also together with him through all the busiest clubs in Europe.

Neuhaus is the solo loop project of violinist Yves Neuhaus (The Amber Unit, Mistral). He surrenders to the fascination of live loops and cultivates constant repetition and overlapping.
With violin, double bass and drum machines Neuhaus layers and creates extensive sound worlds. He not only loops melodies of the violin and deep passages of the double bass, but also uses various percussive-sounding possibilities of the two instruments. The musician complements this sound with natural live percussion and electronic drumbeats.
Time should be taken for his creations - Neuhaus' music is the opposite of fast moving. It is music to dive into deep spheres, music to pursue dreams, music to revel in dancing memories and music to enjoy.

Club Concert Party Classical Electro Experimental

Organized by:   GANNET

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Saturday 12 November 2022

GANNET – Basel

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Fejká & Neuhaus @ GANNET