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Árstíðir (IS)

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You've probably seen that viral video of some Icelandic guys singing an old Nordic hymn in a train station in Germany, well, that was us.

And although that particular video does not represent the music we make, it is true that we enjoy singing.

Especially if the acoustics in a train station calls for it.

But let's start from the begining. We're a indie band from Reykjavík formed in 2008. Through the years we've released 6 albums, won several awards and toured more than 30 countries. Our music combines aoustic, classical, folk, electro, rock and minimalist elements into our mix. But at the core it's just plain pop songs, with unique arrangements.

People have a hard time labeling our music, but that's also the allure that has earned us a devoted and passionate fanbase all over the world.

But hearing is believing, so go check out our albums on Spotify, or our videos here at the bottom of our homepage. And then come see us play as soon as this covid thing blows over. Seeing is believing!

Concert Alternative Folk Indie Pop Songwriting

Organized by:   SAS

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Sunday 5 December 2021

SAS – Delémont

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Árstíðir (IS)