Naama Guggenheim (ISR)

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Naama Guggenheim live @ Treibhaus Luzern! We are very proud to present this amazing artist. Be quick and get your ticket!

Support: Marea Nucha

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Concerto Pop Songwriting Soul

Venerdì 1 Novembre 2024

Treibhaus – Luzern

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Naama Guggenheim (ISR)

Naama Guggenheim

Singer, Songwriter and Producer Naama Guggenheim is one to watch out for.

Naama and her exquisite team have found that inspiring combination of a deep soulful voice, catchy melodies and profound lyrics followed by an electronic beat.

After taking European stages in Germany, The Czech Republic, Switzerland and Austria by storm Naama and her groove-infatuated band are headed towards a summer to remember.

Naama released her intriguing debut album 90% in 2021. The album managed to keep a global mind even throughout the pandemic. The songs were written, produced and recorded in different parts of the world with surprising collaborations. The album was hugged by bloggers and music lovers around the world.

Spreading soft confidence, the Tel Avivian singer, songwriter and producer was born in Bern, raised in both Cleveland and the suburbs of Tel Aviv. She spent her early teen years as a part of The Shaker heights High School Grammy award winning choir on various stages, The Vatican amongst them. Aspiring to grow into the modern sounds Naama immersed herself in the sounds of Soul, and many more and developed her unique writing style through the guitar.

In 2022 Naama performed on several European stages as a solo act quickly developing a loving audience and opened doors for a Band Euro-Tour in March of 2023. She is now in the midst of one of the highlights of her career. With a unique view on the world she has an inspiring combination of a soulful voice, catchy melodies and profound lyrics followed by an electronic beat. Combining different languages and genres her live performance is an emotional and moving show, both for the body and the mind.

Marea Nucha

The five-member band Marea Nucha combines floating lightness with intoxicating energy in their music, akin to the tides of the sea. Their sound encompasses multilingual soundscapes influenced by Latin Rock, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, and elements of Progressive Rock. They consciously break away from preconceived categories, showcasing their collective experimental spirit. Their songs pay homage to the diversity and boundlessness of music. Marea Nucha specializes particularly in conceptual live performances, taking the audience on an audiovisual journey. Lead singer Laura Nucha captivates with aesthetically precise dance routines and daring fire shows that complement the element of water, merging seemingly incompatible polarities. The band Marea Nucha was formed in 2019 when lead singer Laura Nucha, guitarist Siro Andrea, and drummer Timothy Dahl felt an immediate powerful musical connection during a public jam session. With the addition of percussionist Inigo Cuevas and bassist Robin Hostettler, the band was complete and became even more multifaceted. Their music tells a story that expands and contracts like waves, constantly reinventing itself with the aim of dissolving the boundaries between the audience and the band, creating a transcendent experience for all involved.