La Darkance II | Skemer (B, Amenra) - Camilla Sparksss (CH) - Dj Shelleyan (CH)

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On a le plaisir de vous annoncer cette belle date avec ce réjouissant nouveau projet entre le guitariste d'Amenra, Mathieu Vandekerckhove et la chanteuse et top model(Vogue, Prada, etc...) Kim Peers. Ils seront accompagné par Camilla Sparksss(Peter Kernel) qui avait déjà mit tous le monde d'accord à Muzak!

Pour les fans de Qual, Boy Harsher, The Soft Moon & Buzz Kull

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20 ans 100 francs

Club Concerto Alternative Electro Pop Punk

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21 Marzo 2020

SAS – Delémont

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La Darkance II | Skemer (B, Amenra) - Camilla Sparksss (CH) - Dj Shelleyan (CH)

Skemer (B)

Two very different worlds collide and lead to minimalist dark wave deconstructions that are equal parts brutal and erotic. This duality is reflected in the name Skemer, which next to its obvious English meaning of 'intriguer' also stands for 'dusk' in Mathieu's native tongue West-Flemish.

The band recorded their debut album just months after meeting and this sense of urgency shines through in their effervescent live performances, where Peers seductive vocals coalesce with Vandekerckhove's austere beats to meld into a transcendent fury.

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Camilla Sparksss (CH)

Barbara Lehnhoff artistically know as Camilla Sparksss is a Swiss Canadian singer, songwriter, musician and visual artist. She was born at -27 degrees on December 17th 1983 in Kenora, a small town on the Great Lakes of Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Yes, she had a pet bear as a child and yes her father flew a float plane. Following “For You The Wild” (released in 2014), BRUTAL’ is her second album to come April 5th 2019 for On The Camper Records. An instinctive mixture of experimental, lo-fi electronic pop, and melodic collages of a wide range of genre.

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DJ Shelleyan (CH)

Grand maitre et bibliothèque vivante de la musique, venant de la Chaux-de-Fonds, il viendra animer cette belle fin de soirée ! Histoire de danser jusqu'au bout de la nuit !