Sakuracore ordering some heart kicks. Gabber comes from the Bargonian language and means buddy, friend, colleague. This allows us to summarize the idea of the event UNICORE simply, but it doesn’t say everything about the world in which friends of UNICORE find themselves. This event is a coming together of different collectives, the DJs will be playing together, in B2Bs. There will also be a performance by artists of the local scene. The being together, the belonging, regardless of who you are or where you come from is central. But actually you can’t describe this feeling, you have to experience it! Hardcoeur is something you feel. J’adore heartcore, UNICORE at Rössli! <3

1Luu b2b Galopp
Performance by Joana Hermes & Hausvrau
Herzkern Collective KRASTAVAC b2b NAO

*1Luu (Bern/Strobo) @ _1luu_*
1luu is a 22 year old DJ and producer known for his high-energy and playful hard trance
tracks. Born and raised in Switzerland, 1luu was introduced to electronic music at a young
age and quickly became fascinated with the genre.
He began experimenting with music production in his teenage years, eventually developing
a signature sound that blended hard trance beats with emotional melodies that activate a
wide spectrum of emotions. 1luu’s breakthrough came with his 2021 release “Francium”
ISMUS, which quickly gained attention in the international techno and hard trance scene.
Since then, 1luu has continued to release a string of successful singles and remixes, on labels
like Speedmaster Records, Union Trance Mission and Underzone.


*Galopp (Solothurn) @gogalopp*
Hoppi galoppi, get on your horses!
The up-and-coming young DJ is best defined by her vibrant hardcore trance, and get used to it, because she’s not afraid to put the pedal to the metal and dares to take different paths through the genres of electronic music!
Radiant like a disco ball, she rides into the scene with fast BPMs (no, not PS)! And don’t underestimate her – after her set, the club will definitely no longer be a pony farm.
Galopp has only just started and is playing her way through the big hard techno parties in no time with her sugar-sweet track selection and playful trance.
All that’s left to do is gallop through the night to the end of your dreams! And you’ll love riding every second of it!

*Herzkern Collective KRASTAVAC b2b NAO @herz.kern*

*Dartek Collective HOLYBITXH b2b MATEKK @dartek_events @matekk999*

HOLY BITXH is a newcomer Dj from the area Solothurn and Bern. Her heart is full of love for Hardcore, Frenchcore and Uptempo. In the world of HOLY BITXH, anonymity meets playfulness. Wrapped in the mystique of a Hello Kitty mask, HOLY BITXH not only conceals her identity but also adds a touch of personal flair to her enigmatic persona. Starting with at least 180bpm her goal is to make your heart beat faster, bring a smile on your face and make your legs hurt.
Matekk is a DJ and Producer from Bern. he is a Resident at Meister Events and also co-founder of Dartek. He found his love for electronic music early at the age of 14 at first with more Goa and its subgenres. Then later on at 18 he switched to Hardtechno where he also started mixing. But then he quickly found his real passion for Hardcore and Hardtrance. From Bouncey Hard Trance to Melodic Hardcore, Frenchcore and other harder Styles Mostly starting from 160-170 bpm up with no limit he loves to play a wide variety of genres which he also loves to combine in his sets. Prepare yourself for hard, fast kicks and energetic melodies!

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jeudi 16 mai 2024

Rössli Bar - Verein Restaurant Sous Le Pont – Bern

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Organisé par: Rössli Bar - Verein Restaurant Sous Le Pont
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