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siena Root

“Dynamic Root Rock Experience” is the term that SIENA ROOT uses to describe its music, and it is exactly this experience what makes the Swedes’ new album “Revelation” so attractive for the listener: an uncompromising mixture of mesmerizing rhythms, heavy riffs, beautiful solos and emotional vocals. The band treats the listener with a ride further than the band ever went before, to experience how eastern acoustic folk tunes blend with hard rock and northern wilderness. It is a dynamic root rock revelation!

For twenty years in the bands’ history the Swedes have constantly been working something new, changing their approach and experimenting a lot. Siena Root covers the complete musical spectrum of the band without showing any consideration for genre conventions. “Creative standstill is a total taboo for us. What makes us special is the combination of being in the business for a very long time (+15 years) and yet trying out loads of different things. The many faces of the band is a part of its identity and strength”, as the band says. At present, the live spine of Siena Root is a quartett, consisting of Zubaida Solid, Sam Riffer, Johan Borgström and Love Forsberg

Siena Root has been touring frequently in Europe since the early 00's, and producing a wide range of genre-blending songs. Often their concerts featured prominent guest musicians. Live performances are the definite lifeblood of the band. Their shows often evolve into wild improvised live sessions (to be heard especially on the live album “Root Jam” released in 2011) from where they draw the ideas for the studio work. As the pandemic lockdown has not killed their touring spirit, they will probably come out even stronger.

For that the band used as usual solely analogue equipment. Only for the final transfer they were forced to go digital but not for the vinyl version: “So for your best sonic experience, make sure that you get the vinyl!” This is another tradition the band hold dear, as Siena Root swear by the black groove from the beginning of their career. In 2004, their debut album was already released as a double vinyl. The vinyl boom was still in the distant future and back then it was not so easy for a newcomer band to push such a costly release through.

The new album “Revelation” has become the most versatile in the career of Siena Root; the band is leaping between strong melodies and beautiful harmonies, guided by this fantastic strong female voice. With their unbelievable range of various styles the eleven tracks show the musical ingenuity of the band. “Revelation” will become a musical favourite dish for the listener with all the wisely selected ingredients, carefully seasoned by experienced musicians who have a perfect sense for the right moment when handmade root rock is ready to be served.

Carson is an energetic psychedelic stoner rocknroll trio from Lucerne. Originally formed in New Zealand. The band has existed in its current line-up since 2012. Carson are known for their distinctive musical style and captivating, energetic live shows with a strong stage presence.

The band has released two EPs and one full-length album and played various shows all over Europe (including European tour with the American band Karma to Burn, Up in Smoke Festival, Openair am Bielersee, Stonerhead Festival in Salzburg). The self-titled EP was released in 2012 and set the band on the path to becoming respected flag-bearers of the stoner rock genre. The second EP Three Point Split and the debut album Drown the Witness were released in 2017, were well received internationally, received many positive reviews and were sold worldwide. Now, the band announced a new album for spring 2022.


Organisé par :   Sudhaus

samedi 10 septembre 2022

Sudhaus Basel – Basel

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siena Root