«!!! INDONESIA DEMENTIA !!!» Live: ZOO & RULLY SHABARA (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) · RULLY SHABARA SOLO · DJset Indonesia

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«Khawagaka» A CURIOUS INDONESIA NIGHT FEVER (curated by MadameMacario)
Here comes the third european tour that coincide with the new conceptual & vital ALBUM «Khawagaka»
(coming out through french label ! a N G R r ! : Home sweet home also for Secret Chiefs 3, Mike Watt, Melt-Banana, Uz Jsme Doma…)
from these 4 wild animals pioneers of the challenging, confusing, mesmerizing indonesian experience (since 2005) which incite ecstatic, ethnic, sonic, hectic, frenetic dementia!
Esthete quartet ; Hardcore quatuor ; All mad all flame ; A breathtaking and vibrant discovery.
Original combo around Rully Shabara —from surrealist vocalist duel Senyawa —

"Performance LIVE-ACTION voodoo RITUAL tribal brutal noïse dröne TRANSE "
"Viele Indonesische Bands sagen ‘I want to make songs that are real Indonesian,’" sagt Rully Shabara. "Wir sollten das nicht tun, es falsch tönen. Und das müssen wir gar nicht, da wir Indonesier sind. Also mach, was du willst. Wenn du ehrlich bist, wird es authentisch sein. Solange uns niemand "World Music" nennt, ist es uns egal, wie man uns klassifiziert."

"Loco acapella furia by the voice of SENYAWA"
Er tönt wie ein Snthesizer; er tönt wie eine Flugeidechse.
He sounds like a synthesizer; he sounds like a pterodactyl. Yet, despite the obvious, formidable power of his voice, he never feels the need to fully unleash it. (Pitchfork)

/// Ping pong DJ&VJ between ZOO (Indonesia selecta) & MadameMacario (Mondo sonido) from 50's to tomorrow

MonsieurMacario will bring his gigs' gossip stand DISTRO info$hop with tons of international original vinyls, CDs, DVDs, VHS', K7s, books, comix, zines, tshirts…
Plus of course whole items from ZOO & SENYAWA, ah !

Concert Fête Atelier Alternatif Indie

Organisé par:   Humbug

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17 novembre 2019

HUMBUG – Basel

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«!!! INDONESIA DEMENTIA !!!» Live: ZOO & RULLY SHABARA (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) · RULLY SHABARA SOLO · DJset Indonesia