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Early in 1994 Kreidler was founded by Thomas Klein, Andreas Reihse, Detlef Weinrich (Toulouse Low Trax) and Stefan Schneider, who was to leave Kreidler in 1998 in order to form To Rococo Rot; his place on bass-guitar was taken by Alexander Paulick (of Coloma and Narrow Bridges). Kreidler‘s album “Riva” was released 1994 on a small Parisian label. This was to be the first of 26 releases to date, with the latest “European Song” in 2017. A new album will be released in August 2019.

In their 23 years of existence, Kreidler have often made music that might be described as “dystopian”. In early 2016, they already completed a new LP just prior to recording “European Song”. Then came the brutal shock of the US election. It seemed to solidify everything that was going wrong with the world. The times of uncertainty, violence and xenophobia had attained a new quality.
And that unity brings out the best in Kreidler. The stringent drumming of Thomas Klein meshes with Detlef Weinrich’s edgy electronic sequences, the brutalist opulence of Andreas Reihse’s synthetic soundscapes are complemented by Alexander Paulick’s restrained flourishes and rhythmic guitar and bass work.

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21 novembre 2019

Kraftfeld – Winterthur

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