NONEXISTER Album release

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NONEXISTER celebrates the release of their debut album DEMONS

NONEXISTER thrives on the interplay of entrancing electronic energy and jarringly heavy catharsis. As if they were soundtracking an after-hours club in the middle of
nowhere, their music swings like a pendulum between moments of
industrial ecstasy and mosh pit-ready outbursts.

DEMONS is a journey through the unfathomable depths of
human nature — that's what the lyrics are about and that's how it
sounds. It is dramatic, possibly disturbing, sometimes ironic, and now
and then, quite surprising.
There are many pumping grooves, perfect for the mosh pit, but there are eerie, strange things as well, that gnaw on your brain. The lyrics orbit all around human (mis)behaviour. They are often socially critical, political, but also sometimes just poetic and personal views on the abysses in our heads.


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Saturday 20 April 2024

Kulturraum Zentralwäscherei BESCHALLUNGSRAUM – Zürich

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NONEXISTER Album release