Crème Solaire - Album Release Tour, Support: Pulsatilla

Crème Solaire, the Swiss electro-punk duo, will present 'Cemento', their third album. The 11 tracks are as multilingual as ever, and explore, through the metaphor of concrete, the uniformity and alienation of society, as well as the relationship between humans and nature.

Concrete and cement suck. It's grey, it's hard and most of the time it crushes all the pretty green things that grow. But sometimes some plants find their way into the cracks, sprouting and blooming despite the greyness. And that's something to be celebrated and encouraged. That's what Crème Solaire does on 'Cemento' ('cement' in English), where the band uses this metaphor to explore normativity and resistance.

With implacable tracks ('Calicanti' and 'Sguardo'), but also harsher tracks (with the hypnotic beat of 'Anormal', the almost metal screams of 'Balade') and even atmospheric tracks (the superb closing track 'Chaos'), they evoke struggles against convention, encouraging us to embrace singularity and authenticity. Throughout 'Cemento', the duality between human identity and nature is also put under the microscope, evoking diverse images to illustrate this complex relationship as well as the possibility of becoming characters, of extracting oneself from this reality.
Rather than being a distraught assessment, "Cemento" is above all an invitation to metamorphosis and empowerment, to "become a flower" as they say. And that's the core message: these songs urge the audience to dance, to unite, to sweat, to resist together.

Born out of the first la Gustav class session in Fribourg, Crème Solaire was inspired to develop their musical project in the four national languages, and to perform in every region of the country, as well as on a variety of stages.
Since 2018, the duo has been performing in Switzerland and Europe, always sweating hopes to scream for. A performance and musical project thirsting for freedom, anger, love, and revolt. In a strange and intense universe, this duo made up of Rebecca Solari and Pascal Stoll, compose, share, play, and replay new faces and new stories.

Photo: ©Thalles Piaget (@thallespiaget)

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Saturday 6 April 2024

Kulturraum Zentralwäscherei BESCHALLUNGSRAUM – Zürich

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Crème Solaire - Album Release Tour, Support: Pulsatilla