Liberty and Justice | Cold Years

Liberty and Justice
While taking traditional cues from the likes of The Templars and 4Skins, L&J aren’t content to make by-the-numbers Oi. Instead giving nods to the channeled HC ferocity of Sheer Terror, the sing-along sincerity of The Trouble, the hard-scrabble outsider rock sensibilities of The Bruisers, and fight-ready mentality of Houston originalists Tread. Featuring current and former members of Thug Boots, Roger Miret and the Disasters, and Darkbuster, L&J have come together to unapologetically force their own voice through to the fore and out on to the streets.

Cold Years
Gradliniger Heartland-Rock mit Pop-Appeal und einer Prise Punkrock: Wer auf eine derart erdige Klangmischung steht, der muss nicht zwingend über den großen Teich blicken, um fündig zu werden. Auch im schönen Schottland weiß man bestens, wie man aus den solchen musikalischen Zutaten ein nachhaltiges Menü zaubert.

Friday 2 June 2023

Sedel – Luzern 6

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Organized by: Sedel
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Liberty and Justice | Cold Years