C'est Berne × Radar: Zilla, Stick, ápeiron, Nias

Zilla (Bern | Radar Bern)
↗ https://soundcloud.com/zilla-zilla-486089643

Stick (Bern | Radar)
↗ https://soundcloud.com/radar-radio-793120527

ápeiron (Bern | Töchter, Radar)
↗ https://soundcloud.com/apeironnoriepa
↗ https://www.facebook.com/T%C3%B6chter-249126758997120/

Nias (Bern | Radar)
↗ https://soundcloud.com/niasrocket

Tags: Party, Techno, Trance
Abendkasse: 20.-
Radar is a ten-member collective from Bern (CH). Their sounds range from spherical sounds to powerful hardtrance. Radar is an idea to give new and refreshing artists a platform.

Club Party

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Friday 17 February 2023

Dachstock – Bern

  • Doors open at:
  • Event starts at:
Organized by: Dachstock
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C'est Berne × Radar: Zilla, Stick, ápeiron, Nias