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ƬΛΣ PIПG based on stringssee not violin strings, but guitars yet maybe once there will be shiny violins?A grunge pop quartet from a country all over bo(a)red. A country with a lot oftiny houses, big cars and an obscure passion for law and order.Maybe it's this kind of well settled helvetica formalism, let's call it officialism, driving these four fellows making their campy kitsch guitar music,but probably it's just good luck they met and sat down and started to play their respective songs without bothering too much.
ƬΛΣ PIПG ist Rea Dubach (REA, Omni Selassi, etc.), Mirko Schwab (Omni Selassi, Frutti Di Mare, etc.), Mario Hänni (RIO, Trio Heinz Herbert, Mnevis, etc.) und Sarah Palin (BOYTOY, JJ & Palin, One Sentence. Supervisor, etc.).
& mit offenem Tor.. & separater Aussenbar offen ab 20.00 (auch ohne Tickets)
+ + für die Veranstaltung gelten die aktuellen Massnahmen (ohne Zertifikat) und mit begrenzter SitzPlatzzahl, dank.

Organized by:   Helsinki

Saturday 10 July 2021

Helsinki – Zürich

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