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As a result of preventive measures concerning COVID-19, all concerts and events scheduled until April 30th have been cancelled or postponed. In order to help its members who have been hit hard by this situation, Petzi is setting up the "Petzi Community Fund", a solidarity fund for affected clubs and festivals. On this page you'll find the different ways to contribute, either by a direct donation to your favorite clubs or festivals, or by a donation to the Petzi Community Fund which will be used to quickly help the structures in greatest financial difficulty. Thank you in advance for your support.


Death Pôle Fest #1

La toute première édition du Death Pôle Fest, organisé en co-production avec Death Pôle Production, ça se passe aux Abattoirs ce novembre!

DPP, c'est une association qui a pour but de soutenir les musiciens de la scène valaisanne avec 10 locaux et 1 studio.

Overgrass (CH) - Rock
Ascends (CH) - Modern Métal
POST'IT (CH) - Musique du monde engagée
Jakstaff and the two old boys (CH) - Blues du fond de ta cave
Wolpertinger (CH) - Stoner
After Silence (CH) - Metal 80'
Valesia Boneshaker (CH) - Remue-toi avec des classiques

Concert Alternative Metal Rock

Organized by:   Hacienda / Association Artsonic

Nov. 16, 2019

Anciens Abattoirs - Hacienda – Sierre

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Death Pôle Fest #1