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As a result of preventive measures concerning COVID-19, all concerts and events scheduled from March to summer have been cancelled or postponed. Many events and festivals are also affected until fall or even longer. In order to help its members who have been hit hard by this situation, we are setting up the "Petzi Community Fund", a solidarity fund for affected clubs and festivals. On this page you'll find the different ways to contribute, either by a direct donation to your favorite clubs or festivals, or by a donation to the Petzi Community Fund which will be used to quickly help the structures in greatest financial difficulty. Thank you in advance for your support.


PRADER & KNECHT You'll figure it out

Yes yes.. da sind sie mit neuem Album im Kasten, bonjour PRADER & KNECHT

Martin Prader (git, gesang) und Ronja Rinderknecht (cello, gesang) beglücken das Kutterchen mit neuem Futterchen.
Folk geschüttelt mit Elektronik, Garage und grosser Kunst.Es brettern mit: David Langhard (Bass), Christa Helbling (Tasten) und Claudio Strüby (Schlagzeugs)

Billetts à 20.- /15.-

Organized by:   Helsinki

See the official website

Oct. 10, 2019

Helsinki – Zürich

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PRADER & KNECHT You'll figure it out