Condor Gruppe (BEL)

Condor Gruppe is back with a new record, INTERPLANETARY TRAVELS. The title hinting at Sun Ra is no coincidence. Pushing their musical boundaries even further, Condor Gruppe recorded 8 new songs that give you the creepy feel of a horror soundtrack, the heroïsm of the best film scores and the hypnotising grooves of jungle tribes. Diverse, yet exciting and challenging enough to give you a mesmerizing trip through the band’s own dusty record shelves.

Their debut album, from 2014, called LATITUDS DEL CAVALL, contained 9 exotica fueled songs which echoed the sound of an intoxicated ride through the desert, an oriental excursion by night and a fuzzy spaced out guitar, all of these elements backed by a solid and groovy rhythm section, keeping you headnodding and stomping on hot, sweaty nights.

In the meantime they recorded and released FROG BOG – A TRIBUTE TO MOONDOG. Six interpretations of Moondogs beautiful and unique songs, a mix between his jazzy compositions and CONDOR GRUPPE’s exotic filmic sound.

“Just like a little child pulling his balloon back to earth while walking around exploring”, that is Condor Gruppe music…

Organized by:   Kraftfeld

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Oct. 24, 2018

Kraftfeld – Winterthur

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Condor Gruppe (BEL)