Fescht eis a Gring

Fescht eis a Gring

HAGGUS (US) - Oakland, LA's premier masked mincers have been touring and recording steadily since 2014. Taking the famous 90's mincecore/grindcore style of Agathocles as a basis and adding a more modern North American twist of gurgling gore, they bring both bounce, blast, and brutality in their famous live shows whilst maintaining the radical, politically conscious message that is foundational to the genre.

GOLEM OF GORE (IT) - Italian master blasters GOG have won the hearts and hi-fi's of grinders across the globe with their relentless schedule of tapes, records, CDs, and even an excellent recent blood-slattered music video (not for the faint of heart!). Come and witness their newly expanded four-piece line-up as they tour through Europe with Haggus in order to remind us that ONLY GORE IS REAL!

FEVER DREAMS (CH) - The Solothurner crew have only been playing for a few years but have made a big impact, playing a style of death metal that emphasises massive slamming grooves balanced with enough detailed guitar work and rapid-fire drumming to keep old school heads happy too. Blast, shred, mosh, repeat!

GROTESQUERIE (CH) - Death/grind trio from Lausanne featuring an experienced line-up of shredders. Their 2022 full-length 'Composted Beyond Recognition' is a guttural grinding masterpiece that mixes high-grade 90s US death metal power sprinkled with ripping grindcore tempos and a dab of technicality. Prepared to be smoked.

GSTÜRM (CH) - Powerviolence newcomers Gstürm have been building up a reputation playing all over Switzerland in the last couple of years. Expect duelling screams over turbo-speed blasts, punky riffs, chaotic changes of direction and sludgy breakdowns delivered with a raw energy that conjures up the authentic taste of OG PV. Debut demo coming soon.


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Sonntag 2. Juli 2023

Rössli Bar - Verein Restaurant Sous Le Pont – Bern

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Organisiert von: Rössli Bar - Verein Restaurant Sous Le Pont
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Fescht eis a Gring