Islandman @ GANNET

Support: Monte Mai
Afterparty: Funky Čorba (Uhuru Sound Resistance) (ab 24:00 | AK: 10.-)

Born from the musical dreams of Istanbul based musician/producer Tolga Boyuk, Islandman represents a fiction character, a music persona, a dreamer composing the stories of a non-existing place.
Besides this non-existing place, Islandman performs on stage as an electro-acoustic live trio format. Their music can be described as a unique mix of mellow electronic structures & dance beats with spacey live guitars, backed up by shamanic rhythms.
The mixing idea during the record sessions or in live performances, is to bring Turkish Psychedelia or an African roots music reef together with a feeling of the electric universe. The power of the band comes from their perfect balance of electronic structures and acoustical harmonies.

So let's meet in this transcendental world between electronica and shamanic grooves.

Kultur für alle!
Zeig uns an der Abendkasse deinen gültigen Studenten-/AHV-/IV-Ausweis oder deine Colourkey-Card und erhalte 5.- CHF Rabatt!

Club Konzert Electro Experimental Afro

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Samstag 4. März 2023

GANNET – Basel

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Islandman @ GANNET