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Sara Hebe, Chocolate Remix, Machete En Bocca

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Sonntag 26. Juni 2022

Dachstock – Bern

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Sara Hebe,  Chocolate Remix, Machete En Bocca

Sara Hebe

Sara Hebe started composing in 2007, mixing hip-hop, cumbia and dancehall but she has never stopped reinventing herself and has since thrown baile funk, reggaeton, punk rock and many more styles into the mix. From those first experiments she fleshed out the songs that became her first album: “La hija del loco” released in 2009 that was an instant critical hit and created a loyal fanbase.
Still Rap stays Sara’s “way to dance with words”, her strong voice and her powerful stage performance made her to one of the most remarkable artists in South America and an icon of the queer/lgbtq scene. Her songs are a perfect reflection of her incredible skills and a lyrical shamelessly approach with a strong social critique. She is telling urban inspired poems in a raw, energetic and beautiful way at the same time.

Chocolate Remix

Chocolate Remix is the reggaeton and urban music solo project of rapper, singer, producer and DJ Romina Bernardo. It was founded in 2013 with the purpose of claiming a right to a historically sexist music genre from a queer and feminist perspective. The project takes advantage of the strong sexual content of this style and recreates it by addressing taboo subjects such as female pleasure and sexuality. It also denounces some of problems the LGBTTIQ community frequently faces, such as discrimination, censorship and violence. With eloquent and sharp lyrics that make use of satire and humor, the rapper dives into different styles of reggaeton —from classic and old school to mixes with cumbia, funk carioca, dembow, reggae, electronic music and other genres— to convey a message of strong political and social content. The result is music that invites us at once to dance and think.

Machete En Bocca