SCHEIBENKLEISTER / Ritter Butzke Showcase

Scheibenkleister & Ritter Butzke präsentieren

RE.YOU (Mobilee Rec, Moon Harbour, Ritter Butzke / Berlin)
NICONÉ (Dantze, Ritter Butzke / Berlin)
MATTHIAS SCHUELL (Ritter Butzke / Berlin)
Scheibenkleister! Im Dachstock! Damit ist mitnichten das weitläufig als verhülltes Schimpfwort bekannte Determinativkompositum gemeint, sondern die wie der gute alte Kleister verbindende Tanzreihe zu elektronischen Klängen ferner Gäste auf dem Dancefloor des bezauberndsten Dachgewölbe Berns.

Für die bevorstehende Ausgabe des freudigen Fests thronen gleich drei wohlklingende Namen Berliner Freude von der musikalischen Aufstellung: RE.YOU, NICONÉ & MATTHIAS SCHUELL bespielen mit ihren fein erlesenen Klängen die ausufernde Freitagnacht, die ganz im Zeichen der RITTER BUTZKE steht: Scheibenkleister mit RITTER BUTZKE Showcase.

Wem die RITTER BUTZKE noch kein Begriff ist, sollte sich schnellstmöglich nach Berlin begeben und in den vier Wänden des renommierten Festhauses sein Tanzbein ausgiebig schwingen. In Berlin steht der Name bei Liebhabern elektronischer Musik seit über acht Jahren für einen magischen Ort, an dem mit einem einzigen Besuch die Schuhsohlen durchtanzt und Raum und Zeit vergessen werden können. Neben dem Hang zu nachtlebendigem Exzess, verbindet die Clubmacher und Labelbetreiber eine ausgeprägte Leidenschaft für qualitativ hochwertige, spannende elektronische Musik. In dieser Nacht verlassen die drei abgesandten Musketiere das heimische Gefilde und bringen das RITTER BUTZKE-Feeling auf die Tanzfläche im Berner Dachstock. Ein Muss für Freunde elektronischer Mixkunst. (txt:ddd)

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12. Oktober 2018

Dachstock – Bern

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SCHEIBENKLEISTER / Ritter Butzke Showcase


It's been a meteoric rise for Marius, better known simply as Re.You, his success in the electronic music scene a distant cry from shattered hoop dreams. Now firmly Berlin-based, his prolific release schedule continues unabated, the live show with Rampa going from strength to strength as well as DJ sets at clubs across the world. As a teenager in Ulm, a small town in southern Germany, Marius first began to appreciate the dark arts of beats through a love of DJ Premier’s dark and jazzy cuts. Friends started all getting into turntablism but there were other things on his mind, especially after winning the German Youth Championship in basketball. A brutal knee injury ended these chances but with a lot of spare recovery time now on his hands, he began to teach himself production. Having fallen in with the Keinemusik crew around ’09 he soon developed a solid live partnership with Rampa. He describes their first night at Horst as one of the key moments in his career, and having previously only performed live, decided to devote himself to Re.You and start DJing too.

His release schedule has been rapidly gathering pace, his first single ‘Work’ with Rampa a roaring success. Joining the Souvenir family fold saw him gain serious recognition with his 2011 single ‘Ghost’ which was featured on Sven Väth’s infamous Sound Of the Season compilation of that year. After destroying Room One Fabric with a Souvenir take over, things hotted up and Marius scored a massive hit with his edit of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ which racked up about 50,000 listens in a week. 2012 has been extremely busy, with a hit on Mobilee ‘Junction’, ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ on Cocoon and a follow up on Souvenir ‘Falling’ with haunting vocals supplied by fellow compatriot Daniel Wilde. His brother’s new label Avotre has also recently played home to ‘Fever’ and with plenty more strings left to his bow, he has more singles scheduled this year. It may be to basketball’s loss, but music fans across the world can rejoice at the inopportune accident that created this rising star. And better still, there’s plenty more to come!

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Rightfully refusing to be tied to one particular sound, Niconé moves with ease between summery anthems, tight deep house and experimental pop-not-pop, while all of his music productions are characterized by the fact that there’s always a twist. In other words Niconé is anything but boring.

While tracks such as ‘Una Rosa’ (2008) and the Bar 25 hymn ‘Nur mal kurz’ (2009) led to well-deserved underground fame, later Niconé teamed up with his good friend and partner in crime Sascha Braemer to record their hugely successful ‘Romantic Thrills’ album, released on Stil vor Talent. Showcasing a wide spectrum rather than a rigid definition of house. Among his many projects lets not forget his successful label Dantze with Philip Baader and Sascha Braemer.

Niconé is a friend of the club and part of the Ritter Butzke cosmos for quite a while. Now he joins the family with a EP release. The music is a comfortable rollercoaster ride, merging underground house and friendly techno, ready for the club and much like Niconé himself : playful, different, and untamed.

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