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The Glyders:
Formed in Chicago in 2013 by partners Josh Condon and Eliza Weber, Glyders make maximal minimal rock and roll with nocturnal mystery pulsing in the mix, cutting above rigorous roadhouse fare with sounds that twist and grind on their classic inspirations. Joined by Joe Seger on drums, Glyders’ high lonesome way is mellow but nervy, hip-shaking and deep – a multicolored trip to the ongoing beat of American weirdness. Their debut LP "Maria's Hunt" was released January 20th, 2023 on Country Thyme/Drag City.

Waldau (Bern)
Robert Butler, Benjamin Dodell and René Schütz have known and appreciated each other for a long time. The three of them meandered through Bern's music underground for decades. They kept running into each other, became friends, and the desire to make music together grew stronger and stronger.
In autumn 2019, the idea found its way into reality in the form of an extensive jam session. From that moment a psychedelic, post-punk, krautrock, riff-heavy, melodic sound emerged, which to this day forms the musical substance of WALDAU.
In 2022, the band recorded the nine songs from their debut album within two days, which was released at the beginning of 2023. Ane Hebeisen wrote: "Many of the songs fray in all impossible directions, be it into noisy noise escapades, into the area of the sonic expansion of consciousness or thoughtful psychedelia."
The single “Goodbye AI” was released in January 2024. The low-fi psy-folk-tinged song reveals an additional side of the band and makes it clear that there are still many musical surprises to be expected.

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The Glyders / Waldau