Moulure Magazine x <3 x I Never Read present: Afterparty „Girls When They Love“

put on ur ratched panties and come shake ur ass 2 the warmest sounds - featuring bass that u can feel in your chest & songs that make u wish u knew the lyrics

Music by:

✺ GoIce
is an interdisciplinary artist, sound designer and DJ from Switzerland. From fast BPM to slow, Golce skillfully blends contrasting intensities, aiming to dismantle the rigid genres of club culture.
Golce’s sets bring back drama to the club. Oscillating between different genres such as dubstep. hardcore. jungle and noise, Golce’s quest aims to redefine the boundaries of today’s mainstream music.
They push the limits of frequencies and challenge the established dance-floor norms, injecting a fresh sense of creativity and innovation into the club music landscape.

✺ miss sheitana
is an artist, music programmer, and dj based in Geneva. Active in the Swiss electronic scene, she has been organizing events in alternative venues for several years and is a programmer for Les Urbaines Festival in Lausanne. Her mixes have been aired on radios such as NTS, Rinse FM, Lyl Radio, and she is currently a resident DJ on Ola Radio (Marseille) alongside her partner in crime renoiterrible.
Her sets range from post-club to rap, baltimore club, and remixes from the internet limbos. magic mashups only.

Ayshat Campbell will perform a DJ set!

NOTAFLOF: (No one turned away for lack of funds) contact us via 
Free entrance for persons with N or F permit and persons in the asylum system.

ACCESSIBILITY: The venue is wheelchair accessible

Graphic by @crvsa


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Giovedì 13 Giugno 2024

HUMBUG – Basel

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Moulure Magazine x <3 x I Never Read present: Afterparty „Girls When They Love“