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Das "Heretic Fest" ist ein Metal-Festival, welches seit 3 Jahren immer im Herbst veranstaltet wird. Dafür hat sich die Band Heathen Heretic jeweils mit unterschiedlichen Locations zusammengetan - dieses Jahr wird das Heretic Fest im Werkk Baden auf grosser Bühne stattfinden 🔥

Das Heretic Fest soll unterschiedlichen Metalstilen die Bühne bieten und ein Ort sein, bei dem sich Metalheads, Ketzer und Liebhaber von düsterer Musik treffen und zusammen feiern können.

19:00 – Doors
19:30 – 20:15 Tylangir
20:35 – 21:25 Heathen Heretic
21:45 – 22:35 Irony Of Fate
22:55 – 23:55 Comaniac

The folk metal band Tylangir from the Swiss region of Valais stands for folksy melodies accompanied by intense guitar riffs. The songs range from acoustic dominated to heavy and fast metal. The Valais is a region dominated by high mountains and valleys which has mostly been separated from the rest of the world throughout history. This has lead to a rich culture of pagan legends and conservation of an old dialect of Swiss German. The lyrics written in this dialect deal mainly with the central figures and themes of those regional sagas. The pagan roots of these popular narratives are explored and reinterpreted.

Heathen Heretic was founded 2019 in Zurich (Switzerland) and combines Melodic Death Metal with Black Metal. Heavy riffs meet epic melodies and create a mystical and dark atmosphere. In their lyrics, the band deals with dark myths as well as legends and allows the listeners to take a glance into the deepest abysses of the human soul.
In January 2022, Heathen Heretic had their live debut and received great responses from the public. Afterwards many more concerts in Switzerland and Europe followed, even supporting bands like Ensiferum, Aephanemer and Deserted Fear. Meanwhile the band is known for their energetic and powerful live performance. Their style varies between fast Death Metal, Black Metal influences and melancholic clean parts. With their unique style, Heathen Heretic manages to stand out distinctly from many other bands in the genre.

Irony of Fate is a dynamic and melodic death metal band hailing from Switzerland. Founded in 2014, the band features the powerful vocalsof Cveti Stojmenova, the driving drums of Gregor Bucher, the expert guitar work of Lars Gygax and Raffael Kühni, and the thunderous bass of Tom Zürcher.With their debut album "Pray for Freedom ... Prepare for Extinction, "Irony of Fate established themselves as a formidable force in the metalscene, crafting atmospheric and intense music that can stand up againstthe likes of Arch Enemy and Dark Tranquillity. The band has toured extensively in Europe, gaining a loyal fanbase in countries like Serbia, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Irony of Fate has also made their presence known at various big festivals in the area of Switzerland, delivering unforgettable performances to enthusiastic crowds. Their electrifying shows havecaptivated audiences at festivals such as Open Hair Festival 2019 and Meh Suff! Festival in 2016 and 2021, leaving no doubt that Irony of Fateis a band that can rock any stage, big or small.

Their self-released debut album „Return To The Wasteland“ crowned the young Swiss Thrashers as „THE Thrashhighlight 2015“ (powermetal.de 9.5/10) and opened many doors for playing shows and festivals all over Europe such as METALDAYS Slovenia 2016.
In April 2017 „Instruction For Destruction“ was released on SAOL / METALWORLD. It showed a unique musical development with songs like COAL which generated airplay on multiple international radio stations and features in magazines such as LEGACY or ROCK HARD. The album was promoted with four European Tours supporting bands like OVERKILL, METAL CHURCH or DR. LIVING DEAD and brought Comaniac their own headlining „Road Destruction 2017“ Tour.
In 2018 Comaniac announced their „Kamikazee – The Spirit Of Japan“ Tour including a Japan Edition of their second offering on CAPTURED RECORDS. One year later they accompanied IRONFLAME (USA) on their European run.
Produced and mixed by Tommy Vetterli (CORONER) their third offering „Holodox“ got supreme online critics including two video clips with each more than 69k views (nice!) on YouTube. After a Swiss Tour with BURNING WITCHES the album was promoted with an extensive Festival run covering most prestigious Metal Festivals of Switzerland like OPEN AIR GRÄNICHEN and MEH SUFF FESTIVAL 2021 and the „Activate Europe 2022“ Tour supporting VEKTOR in 11 countries all over Europe.
On October 13th, 2023 the fourth studio album “None For All” will be released via METALWORLD on CD and vinyl.

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Sabato 26 Ottobre 2024

Werkk Kulturlokal – Baden

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