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Blackened MXC / Death Metal / 90s MXC

Since the formation in 2011 as a 2 piece studio side project ANCST has been co-spearheading a new wave of hardcore punk-infused death/black metal in the European extreme metal / DIY underground. While sporting both, a hardcore and metal socialization ANCST has perfectly combined fierce melodic black metal, punishing death metal and brutal but yet metallic hardcore crust with angry and critical social political and personal lyrics.

With over 25 releases under their belt on labels such as Lifeforce Records (Heaven Shall Burn, Trivium, Caliban) Vendetta Records (Ultha, Woe, Thou) Supreme Chaos Records (Unleashed, Grave, Napalm Death) and many others, ANCST has been praised by both the international music press as well as HC kids and metalheads alike.

Besides delivering their unique metal trademark sound ANCST has been no stranger to experimentation and has been incorporating elements such as dark ambient and even film music into their sound and has been releasing electronic music under the same name for years.

After transforming into a full-grown live band in 2014 ANCST has toured relentlessly and appeared on festivals such as Summer Breeze, Fluff Fest, Resist to Exist, Bloodshed Fest, Manchester Punk Fest or the New Noise Fest while having done 95% the booking themselves.

ANCST have fully embraced the DIY-ethic and has been doing things on their own from day one. Not only has Mastermind Tom Schmidt written all their songs, he has also recorded, mixed and mastered them in his own bedroom, co-released them through his own label Yehonala Tapes, did all artwork, has run his own PR, distribution and has founded his own booking agency.

End-90er-/Anfangs-00er-inspirierter Metalcore mit deutlicher veganer Message, das haben sich
Sofia, Noah, Franz und Basil auf die Fahne geschrieben, als sie Ende 2021 Divine Sentence ins
Leben gerufen haben. Seitdem hat die Band einige Konzerte im In- und Ausland gespielt, darunter
am Le Vieux Monde Se Meurt-Fest oder mit den Szenegrössen One Step Closer und Magnitude
in Paris, und ein Demo veröffentlicht, das national und international von der Szene mit offenen
Armen empfangen wurde. 2023 stehen nach einer Mini-Tour durch die Schweiz und Deutschland
und einem Auftritt am Szene-Festival Return To Strength ein Ausflug nach Ungarn ans Hell Vill
Festival, eine weitere kurze Euro-Tour und verschiedene Konzerte im In- und Ausland an.
Ausserdem ist neue Musik in den Startlöchern!


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Domenica 19 Maggio 2024

Rössli Bar - Verein Restaurant Sous Le Pont – Bern

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