Chistole Klub

SO 31.12.2023
Doors: 21:00
Entry Presale/ VVK: CHF 15
Entry on the Night/ AK: CHF 18

Chistole Klub: A celebration at the end of the years turn in collaboration and organised by trusted bike messengers, indoors hosting you surprise programming around bike culture and racing, Live Music and DJs till late, as well as an outdoors Bar, Sauna and Fireplace Area.
NYE the Meo way at Humbug Klub Basel <3

-> presale ends the day of the event at 19:00

about Meo:
One day in the 1990s, a few bike couriers from Basel got together and decided to found an association to organise bike courier events. Initially it was mainly about AlleyCats, later also about bike courier championships and polo tournaments. A few evenings and many pepper rockets later, the statutes had been drawn up and adapted using the latest technology thanks to the very time-consuming "copy-paste" process and the association meo, "messenger event organisation Basel" was born. The list of members is still being compiled.

Club Performance Festival Festa Alternative

Domenica 31 Dicembre 2023

HUMBUG – Basel

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Chistole Klub