D.BATES / M.HÄSSIG - Jazz-Concert

Django Bates:

"My idea of a good time is people gathering together to enjoy music; live music, in real time, at the very moment of its creation.

When I began writing new piano music two years ago I wanted to simplify everything in my life, and so began a process of distillation.

Emerging  compositions such as Flurry In The Desert, Iris, My Idea Of A Good Time, embrace all the ways the piano has been my belovèd friend. From my childhood alone with my favourite toy - a beat-up D'almaine upright (semitone flat) - through my formative experiences in the bands of Dudu Pukwana and Bill Bruford’s Earthworks, to playing the great concert halls of Europe with Anouar Brahem, Dave Holland, and Jack DeJohnette, the piano has been a lifelong companion.

On a turbulent sea, bypassing the flotsam and jetsam of our age, the audience and the performer in harmonious union take a voyage in search of the miraculous, in the shared pursuit of peace and tranquility."

Mirjam Hässig:

Mirjam Hässig is appreciated for her versatility, originality and unique vocal sound. The warm timbre of her voice is described as enveloping and enchanting. She discovered her love of sound at an early age and began exploring in various formations. Mirjam began to actively gain stage experience as a much sought-after soloist with various projects. Among others, she sings in concert venues such as Villa Bernau, Birdseye Basel, BeJazz Bern, Moods Zürich, Kulturcasino Bern, Kursaal Bern and Jazz Club Aarau or at festivals such as Piz Linard, Buskers Bern, Blue Balls Luzern and Langnauer Jazz Nights. Time and again she collaborates on unique, interdisciplinary productions. For example, she composes and performs for the art performance of the Basel artist Bernhard Chiquet at his vernissage or participates in dance projects such as "Feu, Ami de L'homme" or the music and movement piece "Superman" inspired by Laurie Anderson.

With her world music trio HALEYLA, Mirjam is committed to cultural exchange in the field of music education. They work on traditional Persian song material and seek to mix and link it with Western music. With exhibitions, readings and the musical framework, an inviting and all-round coherent insight into a distant world is created. In 2017, she completed her Bachelor's degree in jazz singing at the Bern University of the Arts. Since then she has been studying for a Master's degree in Jazz Singing, Performance at the Bern University of the Arts.

Concerto Jazz

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Giovedì 21 Settembre 2023

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D.BATES / M.HÄSSIG - Jazz-Concert