Megaton Sword + Red Tape Redemption

Since their auspicious birth in 2018, there’s been no stopping Switzerland’s MEGATON SWORD. As if their very moniker was a prescient stroke of genius – or, rather, a self-fulfilling prophecy – the once-quartet arrived fully formed with their glorious debut EP, Niralet, in 2019 via DYING VICTIMS. Here, virtually without warning, they evinced an ages-old sound that was wise (and wizened) well beyond their young years. Already, MEGATON SWORD knew the mystery of steel…and wielded it with a startling confidence. Which made their debut album the next year, Blood Hails Steel – Steel Hails Fire, all the more shocking: MEGATON SWORD somehow revealed new twists to that mystery of steel, and further evinced a charisma that was star-power writ large. Again released by DYING VICTIMS, it was no shock that Blood Hails Steel – Steel Hails Fire was hailed far and wide. And yet still, it seemed MEGATON SWORD were only getting started…

And they’re not finished – not by a long shot – as testified by their second album, Might & Power. Almost absurdly titled in its elegant simplicity, Might & Power might seem on the surface a reiteration of their true-as-steel HEAVY METAL, and to a large degree, that’s correct – MEGATON SWORD are still drunk on high fantasy and the enduring themes of conquest and valor, triumph and tragedy – but the deceptively expansive album sees the now-quintet stretching their sturdy sound in directions more dynamic and extreme.

RED TAPE REDEMPTION delivers dusty bluesrock straight out of their souls. The project started as a One-Man-Band by Lukas Oberholzer in 2019 since his former band Coffee For The Restless broke up. After a few solo shows, his former CFTR band colleague Tobias Kalt picked up the drumsticks to join forces – Red Tape Redemption started rock ‘n’ rolling.

In september 2021 they release a mini-ep called DRIVING LIVE which consist of a live performance of three songs of their debut EP DRIVING SOUTH which was released in december 2020 through the independent label THE YELLING LIGHT.

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Sabato 16 Dicembre 2023

Café Bar Treppenhaus – Rorschach

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    Megaton Sword + Red Tape Redemption