Midilux: Roza Terenzi, Tesdorpf & Mark Lando, Phrex

Roza Terenzi (Berlin/Melbourne | Step Ball Chain, Planet Euphorique)
→ https://soundcloud.com/roza-terenzi
→ https://www.instagram.com/rozaterenzi/?hl=de

Tesdorpf & Mark Lando (Basel | Swim)
→ https://soundcloud.com/swimsupply
→ https://www.instagram.com/swim.supply/

Phrex (Bern | Midilux, re:st)
→ https://soundcloud.com/phrex
→ https://phrex.bandcamp.com/

Tags: Party, Techno, House, Acid
Abendkasse: 25.-

Roza Terenzi is a manifestation of femmeforward rhythmic energy, spreading a concoction of sublime mind dance, irreverent sapphic mischief, & vivacious cybernetics throughout the universe.

Since emerging from her birthplace in the Australian underground, she’s helped to usher in a fantastically playful innovation to dancefloors worldwide through her uniquely enamoring recklessness, irresistibly unruly kinetic frequencies, & a stylishly frenetic visual aesthetic. Combining rave sonics across style & era with relentlessly naughty finesse & a bewitching effervescence true to her sound, her DJing embodies a vibrant synergy between arcane feminine exuberance, lush atmospheres, & nefariously trippy grooves – at once deeply transcendent, yet confident, chaotic, and fun loving at its core.

Now based in Berlin, her vibrations on the decks are beloved worldwide – whether it’s through landmark festival slots at Dekmantel, Sonar, & Sustain Release, or blazing rave sets at celebrated party spots like Panorama Bar, Bassiani, De School, and likely your favorite club somewhere in the mix.

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Venerdì 15 Settembre 2023

Dachstock – Bern

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Midilux: Roza Terenzi, Tesdorpf & Mark Lando, Phrex