Brutalismus 3000 Live

Brutalismus 3000 endlich zurück in der Reitschule! Nach dem ausverkauften Gig im Dachstock letzten Herbst spielen die Zwei nun diesen Mai in der Grossen Halle. Support wird bald bekanntgegeben.

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Ort: Grosse Halle Reitschule Bern
Alter: Ab 16 Jahren.
Tags: Konzert, Gabber, Hardcore, Hard Dance
Doors: 20:00 | Support: 21:00 | Show: 22:30

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Venerdì 5 Maggio 2023


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Organizzato da: Dachstock
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Brutalismus 3000 Live

Brutalismus 3000

Brutalismus 3000 is a Berlin-based duo that combines elements of early Gabber and Hardstyle, as well as Punk and Wave music, to create a fresh and contemporary sound. Theo produces the beats while Vicky adds her distinct voice and writes lyrics in Slovak, English, and German. This multilingual expression adds diversity and openness to the duo's performance, highlighting the different rhythms of the languages.

Their performances are expressive and unconventional, featuring fast-paced, rough kicks, unique synths, and classic 909 sounds. They perform at raves around the world, leaving a lasting impression with their outstanding tracks and unique live sets. They have also made a notable impact with their performances on Berlin's streaming channel Hör and at the Boiler Room Festival. As they have exciting shows coming up, they aim to expand their project to a wider audience while maintaining the originality and edge of their sound, which will be heard across the globe.

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