Reggae Brings Love Festival 2020

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The most positive place on this planet, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, every time. H.B.R Vybez is bringing the positive vibration roots back to Basel Switzerland.

Vybez Studio Ent. presents the first series of Reggae Brings Love Festival 2020. Expect a live festival packed with entertainment all night long backed by The Spirit Revolution Band (Fr) and The Vybespace Band (CH). Dj Wizzy will be hosting the after party.

Live performances coming from:
Antigua & Barbuda (ANU)

Federation Family:
Koyote Erasto, Fucha Kid, Mac Truc

Mr. Kamanzi (CH)
MineBlown (CH)
Sugardaddy (CH)
Corian (CH)
DoubleM (CH)
Chejah (CH)
Kaya P (FR)
JahJahMan (FR)
Fyah Max (FR)
La Regina (DE)

Dancin Didi
Lady K.t

Club Concerto Festival Festa Reggae

Organizzato da:   Humbug

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29 Febbraio 2020

HUMBUG – Basel

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Reggae Brings Love Festival 2020