DLR (Bristol / Sofa Sound, Dispatch)
BREDREN (Lennik / Critical, Demand)
MC FAVA (Freiburg / Hospitality)
KEZEG (Bern / Project Riot)
RYCK (Bern / RaBass 95.6 FM, Bern Bass Podcast)

Die LIQUID SESSION startet mit einem knackig frischen Lineup und zwei Berner Premieren in die neue Clubsaison. DLR aus Bristol ist einer der grossen Shooting-Stars am sich permanent verändernden Drum&Bass-Firmament. Stilistisch unberechenbar, mit Hang zu druckvoll-treibenden Vintage-Breaks, verspielter Sample-Musikalität und grobschlächtigem Bassline-Funk, wurde sein High-End-Output in den letzten Jahren auf renommiertesten Outlets wie DISPATCH (Hörtipp «Dreamland»), METALHEADZ oder seinem 2017 lancierten Label SOFA SOUND veröffentlicht. BREDREN, das Trio aus Lennik in Belgien, fand 2011 nach verschiedenen individuellen Musikprojekten zusammen und gehört mit einer Flut an deep-technoiden Releases auf Labels wie CRITICAL, DEMAND oder FLEXOUT ebenfalls zu den knalligsten Hotshots der internationalen Szene. MC FAVA, LIQUID SESSION-Resident der ersten Stunde aus Freiburg, ist konstant in der ganzen Welt als Teil der HOSPITAL-Familie unterwegs und kehrt nach längerer Abwesenheit in den Dachstock zurück. Er besticht mit seinem smoothen, oft mit Gesangseinlagen angereicherten Reim-Stil, der die Musik stets bestens unterstützen, aber niemals dominieren will. Für abwechslungsreichen Local Support sorgen sowohl der langjährige Dachstock-Resident RYCK, der seit 1997 hinter den Decks und für eine facettenreiche, Oldschool-inspirierte Selection steht, als auch KEZEG, einer der aufstrebendsten DJs der jüngeren Berner Generation, der konstant mit ultrapräzisem Mixing und viel Feingefühl fürs Publikum überzeugt.

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20 Ottobre 2018

Dachstock – Bern

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2013 sees J DLR step up to his solo career, and he is stepping up in a big way. Straight off the back of his album last year with Octane 'Method... in the Madness' which was in the list of top 5 albums of the year, with seminal track 'Set up the Set' making it into Noisia's Top 10 for 2013 as well as endless airplay on Radio 1. He has begun this year in a dramatic way announcing a solo stance with impending releases on Metalheadz, Dispatch, Prolix's Trendkill Records, and the prolific Break's imprint; Symmetry Recordings, and a remix from Spectrasoul's recent album nearing on Shogun Audio. As a taster of what is to come make your way carefully to his Facebook page where you will find 'EXP', which is a lavish, juicy, and exclusive FREE taster of what is to come in this rampant year of solo madness!

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Three good friends, active in various dubstep and drum & bass outfits, decided they had too much in common not to start working together on a drum and bass project and Bredren was born. Now, six years later, they have released tracks on Dispatch Recordings, Critical Music, Proximity Recordings, Demand Records, Hospital Records, Flexout Audio and they gained the support of the likes of Noisia, S.P.Y., Alix Perez, Skeptical, Doc Scott, Kasra, Ant TC1 and many others. Their sound is deep, dark and minimal, but instantly recognizable. In the past you could have seen them hitting Outlook Festival, Sun & Bass, Tomorrowland, Nuforms, Rampage, Star Warz and they have been playing all over Europe. In other words, these boys are spreading their wings and they are not messing about. Don't hesitate, and get your dose while you still can.

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Genevan producer, DJ and active member of Project Riot now residing in Bern (CH) has been regularly spinning in Switzerland and abroad since 2011. Heavily influenced by the genevan underground nightlife and its rich palette of analog and digital sounds, The rough and dark character of these early years shines through in his sets and compositions. Sets present themselves in a balancing act between well known classics, novelties from around the world and self composed material. Apart from the easy listening of the charts lies a world full of complex rhythms and unmistakably urban textures inviting the listener on a voyage through the darker side of Drum & Bass with a clear focus on the essentials without confetti and glitter.

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MC Fava belongs to the “Breakbeat Movement” Cru based in Freiburg. Together they are running their regular event “Jungle Club” since 2001. Fava is a chameleon on the Mic – hosting the official Therapy Sessions Switzerland as resident MC on one day and singing over a liquid set at a Hospitality event the other day. He is what you could call a pretty talented and open minded vocalist. With more than 10 years experience he knows how to support a DJ on the Mic and when to shut up to let the music speak for itself. With gigs all over Europe, highly respected residencies at the legendary Fabric Club, London or Sun and Bass on Sardinia and collaborations with ones like Klute, Seba, B-Complex or Nymfo he is without any doubt one of Germany´s big names on the Mic. His roots go back to EBM, Industrial and Punkrock. Moreover he is the Songwriter, Guitarist and Lead-singer of the 8 piece Skapunk Band “No Authority”.

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