Tales of Wrath presents: Inter Arma (USA) & Support

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They call it the Inter Arma Curse: For nearly two decades, as the boundless Richmond crew has
emerged as one of the most inspired and fearless acts in or around American metal, they have
endured an endless parade of complications, hurdles, and slights: visa problems in Russia, stolen
passports in Europe, unexpected member turmoil in their ranks, and a pervasive paradoxical
sense that they have either been too metal or not metal enough. It’s been forever Sisyphean,
except they have sporadically crested the hill to make a series of visionary albums.

Their latest one called New Heaven will be presented live at Hirscheneck!


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Doors: 21:00
Show: 21:30
Tickets 20 CHF

Concert Alternative Metal Rock

Wednesday 23 October 2024

Hirscheneck – Basel

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Organized by: Hirscheneck
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Tales of Wrath presents: Inter Arma (USA) & Support