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SHAH BLAH // Mord Fuzztang // DJ Pantichrist

// Mord Fuzztang
Mord Fuzztangs music hints a lurking ferocity, a volatile simmer always on the edge of boiling over. The Zurich based band dont just follow the kraut-infused garage psych known from the LA scene but are fresh and in a world of their own. Elaborated musical structures with an ever increasing intensity spaces every listener out and brings out urges to move. Shifting fluidly between heavy, fuzz-driven garagepunk on to entrancing psyched krautrock they never cease to surprise the listener with their inventive songs and transitions. Be there when the simmer will boil over - Remo Agovic (Giant Moa)


Reffering to a time or event with sexy anticipation. Tommorow night will be so Shablah, we’re going to go pretty far.

// Nach den Konzerten Musik von und mit DJ Pantichrist

Kommt, lauscht, tanzt mit uns!
Tür: 20:00
Konzertbeginn: 21:00
Bezahlen nur mit Bargeld möglich
Einlass nur mit gültigem Covid-Zertifikat


Organized by:   Kulturspinnerei

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Saturday 4 December 2021

Spinnerei – Bern

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SHAH BLAH // Mord Fuzztang // DJ Pantichrist