Danitsa was born in Paris into a family where music always had a predominant role. Since the age of 10, she records vocals onto her father’s compositions. It is from the latter, whose stage name is Skankytone that Danitsa inherits her interest for Jamaica, an island she will visit many times later. Through her mother, she discovers Soul, Funk and Hip-Hop. It is at the crossroad of these influences that she develops her own style, somewhere between the Reggae of John

Holt and Horace Andy and the Soul of Curtis Mayfield, Queen Latifah, and Erykah Badu. In 2006, Danitsa moves to Geneva, where she meets the collective Little Lion Sound (composed of Nicolas Meury and Jannali Littman), with whom she starts recording so-called dubplates, meaning tracks exclusively recorded for DJs. After a few concerts and the positive reception of the tracks featuring her vocals, she releases her first mixtape (a selection of tracks recorded over a preexisting arrangement), named “Five Flags” in 2008. It is this way that she meets several artists from Geneva and Paris, such as Unconito and XLR, with whom she collaborates, and the rapper Di-Meh, who invites her to join him on “Good Coffee”. The track is very well received in Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina. Her second major project, the EP “Breakfast”, is produced from 2014 to 2015 by Jihelcee Records, a label founded by Darryl Zeuja of the French Hip-Hop group 1995. On “Breakfast” Danitsa shows us her wide range of style, moving freely between old school Hip-Hop and sweet Soul, and an improved quality of lyrics. Eager to move on to a new musical experience after the aforementioned DJ collaborations, she decides to work with seven stage musicians and form a live band with which she is offered a week-long residency at the cultural space L’Abri

(Geneva) in June 2016. On this project, Danitsa presents tracks from her EP “Breakfast”, which are played live by the band. This collaboration gives birth to new live performed tracks, which are then released on the EP “Shelter” in September 2016. At only 22 years, Danitsa has performed at the Usine in Geneva, the Undertown, the Arena, the Uptown, the Traverse, the Salle du Faubourg, the Fêtes de Genève, the Fête de la Musique, the Halle W, the Salle des Fêtes in Thônex and, outside of Geneva, in Lausanne, at the Montreux Jazz Festival, in Paris, Nantes, Bodeaux, Annecy, San Sebastian in Spain and in Croatia. Danitsa has been invited on Léman Bleu, Couleur 3, Rouge FM, reggae.fr and has been nominated at the Victoires du Reggae 2016 in the category “Révélation de l’année” (discovery of the year) and has successfully passed castings for The Voice (UK). She has also opened for Lady Leshurr (UK). A few months ago, Clique publishes an article about her, calling her “the Swiss successor of Lauryn Hill”. She has also been mentioned in an interview by Konbini as part of the “New wave of Swiss Hip-Hop artists”

Moshpits, ganz viel Liebe und Schweiss, der von der Decke tropft: Wenn M'Ghadi auftritt, ist der Muskelkater am nächsten Tag vorprogrammiert. Jetzt schicken sich die acht Luzerner an, mit ihrer zweiten EP die ganze Schweiz in ihren Bann zu ziehen.

M’Ghadi bringt gewohnt abwechslungsreichen Sound, nahtlos wird von ruhigen Piano- Instrumentals über Doubletime-Bars zu melancholischen Bläser-Parts gewechselt. Genauso breit ist die Themenpalette: Gesellschafts- und Selbstkritik, enttäuschte Liebe, die Suche nach sich selbst – und ganz viel Zuversicht, die trotz allem durchscheint.

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23. November 2018

Treibhaus – Luzern

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